Friday, March 8, 2013


Kevin VanOrd reviews the newly released SimCity and comments on its DRM disaster at Gamespot:

"SimCity is a good game hobbled by its insistence on putting as many obstacles as it can between it and you. You can point to the ridiculous online connection problems that have bogged down the game's launch as the most obvious examples of this, but they aren't the only ones. From its online infrastructure to the simulation that powers each city, SimCity has numerous flaws that can turn a few hours of delight into a few hours of seething frustration.

"The game offers the option to have a fully single-player experience in a closed region of your own creation. Alas, you must sign into SimCity (the service) - as well as Electronic Arts' Origin service - in order to play SimCity (the game). Since the game's release, connecting has been a crapshoot. You may not be able to log in at all, or the server might be full."

~ SimCity Review (Kevin VanOrd)

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